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We're your local rain gutter contractor serving all of Tuolumne and Calaveras Counties. With over 30 years of experience owner
Scott Wales has work with hundreds of local homeowner and businesses. We're a full service gutter company offering gutter cleaning, gutter guards, repair and installation of seamless gutters with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We Provide High-Quality Services

Gutter Cleaning Service
Gutter cleaning is overlooked and one service that should be done to preserve the life of gutters and downspouts.
Gutter Repair
Not cleaning your gutters and downspouts regularly will damage them. That's why we repair them.
Gutters Guards
Gutter guards are the single best option you could upgrade to. Add value to your home and never worry about cleaning.
Colors and Options
Add curb appeal and value to your home. We offer many colors and tones to blend in or accent your home exterior.
Gutter Material Type
We offer gutters in a variety of materials, lightweight, easy to maintain, durable in a variety of gauges and rust resistant.
Seamless Gutter Installation
Seamless gutter reduce the chance for leaks are made at the job site out of aluminum and a great value.

Seamless Rain Gutter 

Seamless gutter companies are not all the same. Workmanship plays a huge factor in the final product of your rain gutter installation. You want to pick a seamless gutter company that has the integrity to do the job right- cutting corners could cost you $100’s in additional gutter repair work.

At Scott's Rain Gutter Service, we’ve built our brand with integrity on every seamless rain gutter installation we’ve ever handled. We make your needs our own and use only the finest materials, techniques and professionals for your rain gutter installation.

​Seamless Gutter Cost

Seamless Gutter cost a little more however the added
value and benefits are more than worth the difference. Seamless Gutters have fewer joints, they don't accumulate
as much debris, are stronger, come in a variety sizes and
colors and last longer. Seamless Gutters require less maintenance, have fewer clogs in the downspouts, offer
a great fit and will handle snow and ice far better than conventional gutters.

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Seamless Gutter Cleaning Service

Seamless gutters are built for practicality and efficiency in moving water off the roof and away from the foundation of the building. Scott's Rain Gutter Service is a full service rain gutter installation company. We offer year round gutter cleaning service, for all type of rain gutters.

Copper Gutters are durable, don't rust and last longer.  A copper gutter system will easily last for the life of your home, they might even be the last system you'll ever need. They are also absolutely beautiful and will give your home the curb appeal in your neighborhood.

Gutters and Downspouts
Building out or replacing fascia or rotted out soffit will help extend the life of your roof. Seamless gutters are stronger than traditional gutters, come in a variety of colors and are less likely to leak. Seamless gutter are constructed of strong durable materials. Seamless gutters offer better value, add value to your home or business, require less maintenance and have a longer life. 

Seamless Gutter Guards

Here are a few benefits of installing gutter guards
on your building. Gutter guards will save you time and 
money when it comes to the frequency of gutter
cleaning and maintenance. Gutter guards also
prevent rust, helps alleviate blockage, dams
and gutter freezing. Gutter guards improve
water flow, help avoid small
animal infestation and fire protection.

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​​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long to install seamless gutters?   
    • In general the average home will take 4 or 5 hours, for a custom home 5 to 8 hours.     
  • What's better aluminum or galvanized gutters?   
    • Aluminium gutters resist rust better than galvanized steel gutters, and the metal won't thin over time. Both materials can be   customized to form seamless gutters.
  • Can you repair damage to my roof prior to start?  
    • No we are not able to repair roof damage.  In some cases we can do some minor repair to the fascia and soffits prior to   the installation of your gutters.
  • How do you fasten the gutters to the home? ​​​​​​​
    • There are many factors to go into the attachment of gutters to a home.  The pitch of the roof, do you live above or below the snow    ​​​​​​​  line, along with proper spacing of the mounting or hanger system.

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